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do you have a tattoo?

S t e v e

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Usually girls get these tattoos and it should be the lower back and its for something to look at while your doing something else, enough said?


The Chinese tramp stamps used to confuse me......Until I studied Chinese; Not that I needed directions anyways.........


Although the Tramp Stamp that said " NEXT " gave me some pause, for a minute...........[flapper] ..

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I don't have any,


it has crossed my mind and I know exactly what I would get but doubt I ever will.


I have tattooed memories in my brain, good enough.


You mean that's NOT you in your Avitar ??? :unsure: [crying][scared][lol] .......

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The Chinese tramp stamps used to confuse me......Until I studied Chinese; Not that I needed directions anyways.........


Although the Tramp Stamp that said " NEXT " gave me some pause, for a minute...........[flapper] ..

I stepped back at "let go of my ears, i know what i'm doing".

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I want more... just need to stop buying guitars long enough to get the tattoo.


my next one, once it's completed will cover my left arm from the shoulder down to my wrist. I don't have a problem wearing long sleeves if I need to.




at the wrist and forearm area, koi fish - a japanese symbol of enlightenment; at the forearm and coiling around my arm up to the shoulder area, a dragon - a symbol of good luck,power and wisdom, and along the upper arm in a Samurai Warrior (another symbol of power and wisdom/enlightenment) who is being protected by the dragon. The reason I want the Koi on the lower arm and the dragon on the upper arm is that there is a legend about how the Koi Fish, at the end of their journey up the river of enlightenment, upon learning all they can learn from the creatures they encountered along the way and becomingfully enlightened and wise, turn into dragons.

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Find a hombu dojo style Aikido school with proper papers instead, especially if the sensei offers Iaido at some point. No, it's not my training, but may be more relevant for you. Daitoryu is a bujitsu rather than budo, but may also work if one finds a school with papers in Daitoryu and Iaido.


Learn to die first, then protection from death becomes irrelevant. If the way carries to one side or the other, it is still the way. It's the internal, not the external appearance that makes this truth. Mushin is not crafted in ink.


Ever read Go Rin No Sho?


You may find a budo to cover your being, not your arms. Such a path offers insight also into music and musicianship. But it is not an easy way because it must be a great effort without great effort.


It is more difficult to find an instructor who offers a way rather than a lifetime sport and exercise, but you may find one.



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I have 7......each has a meaning........no regrets

got my 1st @ 14, Dad took me to a shop for a "cover up job" when I was 15, I was the only person in my high-school with a professional tat.

got my most recent 11 yrs ago @ 36, in memory of my Son.

may get more later, may not, currently i'd rather spend the money on geets & equipment.

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People who get tattoos for personal reasons, don't need anyone to see them. That's not what they are there for. Sure they are nice pieces of art (most of the time!) but anything the "wearer" wants to look at em and remember, there they are. All you need is a mirror for the back pieces.


When people happen to see my tattoos and ask what they mean, i don't explain because I didn't get it for them. I just say that its personal.

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OK glad to hear it's not your back......... LOL



And I'm not poking fun here BUT:

This is IMHO a solid example of, if you're GOING TO DO THIS, shop around and fetch yourself a TRUE ARTIST who can really do up a resemblance to a known person or icon.

Hardly recognized Randy except for the V and the fact his name is right under the image. And maybe the vest.








I'm sorry... but Randy in reality was SO MUCH BETTER-LOOKING.............. sigh..............

ergo a BAD TATTOO of Randy Rhoades is so totally........ like..... not honoring the man...........






As you can see.


NO COMPARISON to the above ink job doing him any sort of justice whatsoever.


Nevermind MOST of the band logos are nowhere near pro-level reproductions. Metallica is so screwed up you can barely find it (then again it may be partly due to the back/belly roll there/spare tire) much less read it.


If you gonna do this, ANTE UP.

Find a real portrait tattoo artist who can deliver. Don't get your friend to draw the picture and take it in to the discount shop.


Never mind, if you're gonna do your back like this -- (geez, RATT? are we kidding? well sheeeez where's Golden Earring?) -- PUH-LEAZE .... have some design in mind when you start, for lining up the band logos in some sort of artistic pattern. Sure -- they were probably done one at a time but you CAN draw out the whole PLAN before you start. This back looks like a bad yearbook page, or, something somebody drew all over their brown book covers in high school in the 80s. Most of these bands existed around the same time period, so you can't tell me it was a matter of "oh wait - crap - now I need room for Nirvana Alice in Chains and Soundgarden, where can I fit that in???..."


UH-UH, he could have easily drawn it all out on paper what should go where and made a MUCH nicer logo arrangment. Surely he was a fan of these dudes all at about the same timeframe.


No.... this was a job of, "hey dude I think we can squeeze Sabbath right over here man..."


This is SUCH a good example of a "DON'T." :)


The only real and true thing here is at the top: "HOUSE OF PAIN."

That much ink hadda hurt [tongue] and man is it painful to look at. Makes my eyes cross.


OK now I REALLY HOPE this back does not belong to anyone reading this board...... eeek :unsure: (but you said take any potshots you want! and these aren't potshots, this is artistic critique with the eye of an artist!!)


Do we even want to know what he put on his chest???


I vote we all take some guesses [thumbup][flapper]


And my answer, no, I have none, religious prohibitions.

If not for that I might get a tiny one somewhere if I ever thought of something meaningful enough I wanted to be permanent.

Like, Freddie's autograph written teeny tiny on my inner ankle might be funny. LOL

Hubby might not think that was so very funny however. [tongue]

So I'd have to get his autograph done first. haha.


Now as a GIRL....... I do want to get my makeup tatted (that's religious legal OK) ....... no more eyeliner & brow pencil every day, now that makes logical timesaving sense.


It gets re-done every 5-10 yrs and isn't toooooo spendy and the ink is less permanent.



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I'm sorry, while I'm on Google images.... a couple more....










See what I mean man???


You gonna friggin' DRAW RANDY RHOADS on your body in PERMANENT INK........

for the love of rock-n-roll, GET. AN. ARTIST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




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Down girl.


OK OKAY.........


I just happen to think Randy was one of the nicest, sweetest human souls God ever gave Rock n Roll........


A gem of a human being. And y'all know it if you know anything about Randy besides his shredding it on "Crazy Train."



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I have a tattoo of Layla86 on my back......Don't let her know that though........[flapper] ..


But now I'm curious where you put me, dB...................

Am I your shoulder angel, looking over making sure you actually GET your GUIT work DONE???


........Or did you make me your Tramp Stamp?



[crying][scared] :lol: [-X[-(=;



Oh you BETTAH not have the wrong answer on that one, buddy..........


Oh --

And if you were smart you got this one.......





Linda11-YT by gibsonlayla86, on Flickr

rather than this one:



azkaban mug shot by gibsonlayla86, on Flickr



Because if you SO used my Azkaban mug shot you are SO hosed.

I will Apparate up there immediately and shave that thing off your skin with my pedicure file MY. SELF.


no matter WHERE you put it.



You know you believe me.

So watch it.



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