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do you have a tattoo?

S t e v e

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And I just found this one by random unhappy accident............



Linking........... instead of displaying......... as the actual image may be offensive to some viewers and I don't wanna get busted. (not nudity - just.... eh)


Here, kitty kitty...........





Oh dear.

Some folks'll do anything for their 15 min of fame eh???





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Is how to get a Rhoads tatt.




I rest my case.





At one point in my early 20's I almost got this same image done on my left arm, but before I got the money to do it I decided that I might regret it later. I owe Randy's music my life... I'd contemplated ending my life in my teens, then Goodbye to Romance came on my cd player for the first time... at this point for some reason, I'd realized whatever problems I was going through weren't so big that suicide would have solved anything for me. So anyway, I almost got the Rhoades tatt done; but then it dawned on me, while his music was the soundtrack to my life for all my teens and into my early 20's; that when I turned 40 he might not hold the same meaning anymore. So I figured that I should wait until I found something there was no chance I'd ever regret.


Fast forward 15 years and I got one of my Dad's paintings instead.


As for music related tattoos, once I get my idea for my left arm done, I may consider adding something involving an SG or Les Paul on my right forearm but I don't have a definate concept for this one yet.

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SO DAMIAN........... are you posting your tatt or not. You said you had one straight-up at the beginning.



I bet he got this one:








Y'know, we're all gonna have to guess till Damian coughs it up. Could be...........




or possibly, hm hm...........






YOUR guesses, mates?!





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