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ZT3 Combo Headpiece problem


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Hello All,


This is my first post here, sorry it's a negative one :)


I received a ZT3 today but it's going back for a replacement. The combo headpiece had been attached badly, it was to one side by over a mm with the result that the strings were out of alignment on the neck. Very disappointing really for a quite expensive instrument. The neck pickup surround had been forced into position too, so it was severely bent in where it joins the neck and was actually touching the pickups. Has anyone else had these QC problems? I am very surprised this one got out of the factory.


These weren't the only issues either, there was a screw missing from the rear panel and two lacquer chips to the fingerboard end, but these are attributable to a major online retailer sending me a B-Stock instrument in error.

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I had a problem too, they sent me one zt3 that had the bridge broken, the system of transposingcould not work.

Then they replaced and it went well but I've lost half a year or more waiting for the first and then being replaced.


This aren't errors but thigns I didn't like but they can be resolved easily. I had to readjust the guitar neck and string action because it was really high, not worth for my playing style but it was hipereasy to adjust it, really good results. And the bridge pickup I'll change it for a dimarzio andytimmons. Too blusy or jazzy for me.


Good luck with the replacement

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