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My favorite guitar. As rich and full sounding as a Rosewood Martin, but with Gibson bark. Wide cross bracing like an AJ. Only thing I would change is the looks: not a fan of the abalone rossette or gold tuners, on any guitar. Getting a burst tones down the bling though.

Thanks for the excuse to post a pic!!



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Mine was my first top end acoustic - and my only one. I love it to bits despite some lacquer cracking.


I've had it 9 month and play it 4 or 5 times a week. It's my go to guitar. I chose it over a Hummingbird in an A/B test with me listening as well as playing and much preferred the more assertive sound from the SWD.


There's a fair amount of love for the SWD on the forum so I'm sure you'll love it if you get one.


But like all things, play before you pay.





Personally, I like the bling. It's more Elvis than Wayne Rooney which is OK by me.


Hope this is of some help.

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I've got one and love it too! It was my first high-end guitar as well bought new about 2 years ago and it's very mellow.


Quote from mike@gibson on another post: (http://forums.gibson.com/Default.aspx?g=posts&t=7059): "I'm told the Songwriter Deluxe is one of the best sellers from the acoustic line. We recently gave one to Bob Welch (former Fleetwood Mac guitarist/vocalist/solo artist) and he loves it. I had to hand it to him personally and after playing it myself before he got it, it was hard to watch it drive away. I was most impressed with how it sounded under a pair of condenser microphones, plugged directly into my Pro Tools 002R."


I'd like to post a pic of mine when I get home from work ](*,)

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i have one as well though i think nid2007's vb is the most beautiful thing ever. that burst is mindblowing. do you have a GC near you? there is usually a SWD hanging around in their premium room. set up and string type, notwithstanding, they all sound pretty similar. they have been discussed here quite a bit and what i've learned is that they are a third of a would-be gibson trinity of square-shouldered dreads. the dove, the hummingbird and the swd all have similar specs but they differ in body materials. the dove is maple, the 'bird is mahogany and the SWD is rosewood. they are one of the loudest guitars, second only to the AJ, imo. they feature the trademark gibson rolling, punchy bass and crisp highs though i would watch your action here as you may lose treble definition if it gets to low. i strung mine with 13s. recorded, its a beast - it sounds like a j200. unmiked in a room and by itself, it is warm yet somewhat mellow. the p/u that comes with it is the industry's best factory-installed model - the lr baggs element. great sound representation. it surprised me to hear that it is gibby's best seller at the moment - i thought the j-45 would never lose that status. speaking of which, try a j45rw, if you can. they are a couple hundred bucks more than the swd but worth it, imo.


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i worked at a Gibson dealer for several years (until this past April). we sold more SWDs than any other guitar in that price range (Gibson or Martin). as a matter of fact, i would say that i sold 3 or 4 SWDs for every 1 of something else Gibson. what was number 2 on the list? the J50. EVERY J50 that came through that store sounded better than EVERY J45. it was odd... i know they are the same thing. so, what did i finally decide was the difference? on a J45 you will sell a lot just off of the name. you always have to explain what a J50 is. so, they need a little extra marketing help.... that means the better wood ends up in a 50. sound sells 50s, name sells 45s (though many 45s sound great too!) i could be wrong, but it certainly sounded that way.

as for the SWD, they really put some great wood in these too. when i started selling them, no one knew what they were but bought them b/c they sounded great and played well. it seems that these days they are making quite a name for themselves though!

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I love my Songwriter Deluxe! It has become my go-to guitar even over my Larrivee L05.


Does anyone else's SD smell as wonderful as mine? I play this thing and it pumps sweet smelling wood into the air!




Here it is with the new Bob Colosi bone/abalone pins.


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For a new Songwriter' date=' I'll do the naked French maid thing if that works.




Since GS lives in Colorado and..... I assume you dont look like this..........





Or This...........





But MAYBE like this...........





Almost Certainly, you will look like this when mowing in Colorado...........





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pickin and blowin. definitely pic of the week' date=' TP. it just might pop up as an avatar.[/quote']


Don't know who it is, I found that photo over at the Acoustic Guitar Forum (AGF) a while back and saved it cause it hit home with my State too.... Now I just need a nice laminated Gibson to go play while I shovel out this winter.

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