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Hard shell cases for Striker 422S bass


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Living in the UK and ordering online, I would like to have a hard shell case for the Striker 422S bass I will be buying. However, I have limited info on the Striker, such as length, and if there is even a custom case for the individual model, such as with the Epiphone Explorer and Flying V basses. Regular moulded cases will not fit as I have emailed a company asking if there are any standard moulded cases that will fit, and they have said no. I am unsure of my current rectangle case fitting it either.


What I really want to know is if there is a standard moulded or rectangle case that will fit a Striker 422S bass. I like to be sure that my instruments are safe - it was hard with my Dean, but easy with my Shine P-bass copy. I assumed that due to the regular shape of the Stiker it would be fairly easy to find a case, but that doesn't seem to be true. I would appreciate help with this.

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