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Best little amp.


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This might have been discussed before. But I want a 'little' amp that could be used for small gigs or home.

I've been looking at the Marshall class 5 or the Vox night train. What else is there? It must be valve.

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my Blackstar HT5 Head has been played daily for almost 2 yrs. now with NO issues/problems......

the ISF knob allows the user to adjust the amps overall tone from Fenderish to Marshallish and can be adjusted to give a reasonable Vox sound too.

It burns an ecc83 for preamp and a 12BH7 for power.....I swapped the stock E/H preamp tube for a Ruby Hi-Gain and it sounds GREAT.

it's not expensive, and boasts an effects loop, clean or od operation, headphone jack, variable ohm options, separate standby switch, and i've read that the new models have reverb.

Try one out, you might just fall in lust !



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VHT Special 6 Ultra is my fav http://www.vhtamp.com/avsp16u.html comes in combo or head, I've tried a lot but not all the "5" watt'rs. The VHT has a ton of features, sounds great and a very nice price for a hand wired amp, they are hard to find in the stores. I found it to have the greatest head room of all the ones I've tried. they also have a less gainy Special 6 (non Ultra) I have both.


•Overdrive and Normal Gain Inputs

•Overdrive Gain Control

•Boost switch

•Variable Watts Control

•Depth Control

•3-position Texture Switch

•Tube-Driven Effects Loop

•Line Out Jack

•6 Watts

•One 6V6 Output Tube

•Two 12AX7 Preamp Tube

•Volume and Tone Controls

•Footswitchable Boost Mode

•High/Low Power Switch

•4, 8, and 16 Ohm Speaker Jacks


•Mod-Friendly Eyelet-type Board

•12" VHT ChromeBack Speaker (16 ohm)


You cab swap the output tube to different Octal tubes like 6L6 (Fender), EL34 (Marshall), 5881 (Peavey) ect..

and they sell a $20 adapter to use a EL84 to sound like a VOX.

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My Epi Valve Jr. Half Stack is about the perfect small amp. It features an input, output, on/off switch and volume knob. With a Pigtronics PolySaturator and an Ibanez Weeping Demon wah in front of it there almost nothing it cans do.

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I got a Marshall Haze, its a nice one, definitely not the best, but it sure sounds like a Marshall. The Tiny Terror and the Dark Terror (TT on steroids with an effects loop) are also both nice choices, this was my second choice after the Marshall and it was pretty much the price difference that made it. I have really been wanting to try out a Hughes and Kettner Tubemeister or Puretone.

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How about a Fender Super-Champ XD. 15 watt hybrid tube amp with effects.

Play it clean in one channel or with effects on the other channel. 10" speaker. Has an out put for

an additional speaker box. About $299. Small venue gigs to bedroom practice. Check it out...


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