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This should be my LAST project guitar for while but here it is




A KOREAN September 2003 - 1958 Korina Flying V








The plan with this one is to get it resprayed in Alpine White & fit Gibson Pickups


I'm hoping to get it like this:




Accoring to all the research I've done the alpine 58 was a VERY limited run from 2000 BUT was fitted with black & nickle parts, so I've decided to go down this route to get the guitar I'm after...

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That's gorgeous as it is Snakey, don't ruin it, get a beat up one and mod it, oh and HNGD too.

It's BEAUTIFUL just like it is!!!!!

are you SURE you want to refinish???????


WHITE would also be a great look, I'm just a "wood-Grain" nut!


It cost me £200 with a case! thats part of the reason why I jumped at it. (No way would I respray a £400 one)

I have plenty of wood grain guitars so I have to agree with you, but a white V is so unique and awesome, im just desperate to get one...

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To put a solid colour over a wood with such a beautiful natural grain would be of great detriment to the guitar. As another post suggested-hold off until one in poor condition comes along,enjoy your guitar-she's a beauty but to paint her would be defacing a beauty.

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When I first saw this, I thought "wow! that is a sweet looking V" no way should anyone try to paint over that. But then I later realized that David Gilmour's famous "Black Strat" is actually a sunburst Strat that was painted over with a black finish. I guess when it comes down to it, it's your guitar and if you think it will look good painted over then go for it man.

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Beautiful guitar, Solid ... I know I love mine. The only thing I couldn't live with were the black knobs, so I changed them and the switch tip ... otherwise she is stock:




I have to agree that painting over such a fine piece of wood seems a bit of a shame ... but as was stated earlier ... whatever makes you happy is good with me. If I could make one small suggestion: if you are really that keen on a white one, I've heard some very good things (and seen some great YouTube videos on these Saga kits:




Just a thought. Congrats on a super instrument regardless of what color it ends up being!



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