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A Gibson LP Custom copy - SUNRISE


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Hi, I know maybe this is not a good question to You, but I have some real problem (it doesn't cover any Gibson's made guitar...well...maybe. I have an opportunity to purchase a rare (I would even say - unknown) guitar from this auction (polish auction shop):




and my seller claims that this guitar was made in '80s by some exworkers of Gibson. I've already asked mr. Pat Murphy from SUNRISE Guitars from Kalamazoo and he told me this instrument wasn't made by them (He and mr. Charles Tracey Burge), but still that doesn't solve this mystery. As far as I can see in this photos there are similiarities to Gibson Les Pauls and here is my question: is there any chance that you know something about this SUNRISE LP Custom (silly I know) ? Maybe you can give me an email address to mr. Tim Shaw, who, if I remember correctly, was also a member of Sunrise Kalamazoo.


Best regards, and thank you so very much



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