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Touch up paint availability???


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I'm still waiting to receive my 2005 SG Standard via UPS. Although it was listed to be in excellent condition, there still are/will be a nick/chip or two to deal with. My ADHD will flip me inside out & backwards if I gotta look at these human induced imperfections.


Gibson support, whom I appreciate very much by the way, told me to check out Stew-Mac. I kinda found this insulting. Why would you not be able to get the real thing from the guys who made the instrument in the first place?

I work for Harley-Davidson and there ain't a model in 40 years that you can't get touch up paint for ... and that includes a few multi-color rainbow/chamilion paint jobs.


Good gosh Gibson - it's only paint OR ... maybe it's fallin' under the 'ancient chinese secret' crap syndrome???

Yeah ... I'm disgruntled ...

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Except for one thing - Aside from black or white, most Gibsons aren't painted; they're stained and lacquered. Not as simple as touching up a Harley or a Fender.


Good point! .. Nevertheless, the stain and lacquer or whatever it may be, should still have a part# for those of us who are able to OR - willing to try. Let's see if Henry addresses this.

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The stuff from Stew Mac is the real thing.


I'm not arguing BUT, let me share my experience ... Gibson support told me to get new replacement saddles I needed for 2 of my aging tune-o-matic bridges from Stew-Mac. I was a bit confused but nevertheless called Stew Mac and order a 6-pack. They arrived quicky BUT were not good replacements. They were visibly shorter in height and top angle cuts were nothing like real tune-o-matic saddles. Customer support was awesome (as always) with the rep saying he didn't know why the Gibson guy would say what he did.

Good Luck with the paints (I mean it) . I've built a number of partscasters in the past 40 years and paint-wise, I found Guitar ReRanch to be closest to matching 50's, 60,s and 70's colors.

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