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Female vocals..


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So as I understand it, a person who calls themself "BoyVader" doesn't like female singers.....mmmmm... in you're case the best female singer may not be a woman...just saying... :rolleyes:


In THAT case, he should check out Axel Rose, an interesting FEMALE singer !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Seriously, check out The Heartless Bastards, Concrete Blond, Fiona Apple, The Dead Weather, Joni Mitchell.......

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She does a damn good job on Zep too! And check out the SG Nancy is playing!



Andy, I had not seen that before. Can she ever belt it out. Good band too of course.

I haven't played that in many years. Time to give it a go.

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Err...all of the above....sorry...but keep em coming...


I'm with you Vader, and was thinking the exact same thing of myself a few days ago..Theres not one female artist I enjoy listening too....Everytime I hear Florence and the Machine, I want to gag, and rip off my ears...I'm not sexist, but they all sound the same to me...When I first listened to Coheed and Cambria for the first time, I thought it was a chick, and I really dug it...but then...well. Heart would be the only one that I could listen too.

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So Many great female singers where do you start?


Dana Fuchs

Tori Amos

Fionna Apple

Nora Jones

KT Tunstall



You could Always go old school with Nina Simone


Or maybe Tracy Chapman she has great songs and doesn't really sound like a girl


Or Maybe K.D. Lang she doesn't really act like a girl


Or maybe Adam Lambert he does act and think he's a girl

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Here are two of my favourite female vocalists. They are very different styles, the first is Marlenna Shaw, an American soul singer and the other Sandy Denny, an English folk singer that you may know from The Battle Of Evermore on Led Zeppelin IV...I love these two ladies xxx [thumbup] (actually with a few exceptions I just love ladies!)








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typically I don't go and search out female singers, but I do like some female vocalists.


While I lost interest in Evanescence after their second album came out, I was intially drawn to them because a female voice in metal was not common.


Boy Vader, ever checked out In This Moment? I saw them opening for Ozzy a few years ago and if you're into metal, I'm sure there haven't been too many female vocalists you've heard with a voice like this.


There was also the all female metal band, Drain STH, from Sweden. They had a lot of similarities to Alice In Chains in terms of their sound. They made enough of an impression on Tony Iommi that he ended up marrying one of them (not sure if they're still together though). Unfortunately, everyone in the group was either married or in a long term relationship and the whole band left the music business to raise families.


Most female vocalists I hear come into my home through my wife. She tends to keep up with the pop stuff on the radio... you guessed it, she's a fan of Lady Gaga (who I do respect since she writes her own stuff and she actually plays an instrument), Adele (great voice), Pink (not really my style of music but I love her "who gives a ****" attitude) and stuff like that.


Another couple of artists she likes that grew on me is Sarah McLachlan and Tori Amos... it's a bit mellow compared to my usual stuff, but when I was dragged out to see Sarah live I was pleasantly surprised by how the guitars took more prominences in the mix compared to on her albums and in Tori's case, the woman covers Alice Cooper and Slayer and Nirvana and made the songs her own... very different sounds from the original but very interesting to hear.

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