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It is really tough to say much of anything without seeing the crack. Mind you, I ain't a luthier - just someone who over the decades has had to deal with every rotten, lousy thing that can happen to a guitar. What you can do depends on where on the heel the crack is and how severe it is. If it is just a surface crack it ain't a big deal and can be repaired pretty easily without removing the neck. Just slap some Titebond or Elmers in there and clamp it (making sure to clean everything up good). If the crack is through the heel into the block I am pretty sure you will have to remove to neck to fix it properly.


With me how much I do depends on the guitar. I am alot more willing to try and fix something myself when it is on my old mahogany top Guild or Harmony Sovereign which ran me only about $100 each than a guitar that is worth considerably more.


But the best thing as always is take the guitar to someone you trust and let them have a look and advise you.


Good Luck

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