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New XT-2 4 string


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I just received my new XT-2 4 string bass and wanted to share a couple of things:


1. There is apparently no Spirit manual, as mine came with the manual for the Synapse model, like someone else mentioned.

2. As far as I can tell, the front pot controls the neck pickup, the middle pot controls the bridge pickup, and the last pot is tone control.

3. The tone control is not smooth throughout its range. There is an abrupt change (with associated but hard to hear "pop") about 1/4 of the way.

4. Three of the screwheads on the screws that attach the plastic pickup holders are completely stripped out.

5. The bridge pickup was twisted. Yeah - I've never seen this before. Finally got it somewhat straight, but can't completely straighten it because of #4 above.

6. The bridge is easy to adjust (tuning, intonation, sting height).

7. The neck needed a little adjustment, but was quite easy to do (just be very careful!).

8. The finish on the body and neck are flawless.


9. Sticker on the back says "Made in China." The Steinberger Web site says all designs are still made in Tennessee. I think the operative work here is "designs."


I'm mostly satisfied with the guitar. It plays great and sounds pretty good for an inexpensive bass. I'm sure I'll be replacing the electronics at some point.

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