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SWD Studio vs Standard ... some observations and questions


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A new Gibson arrived in my local shop today, this time it was a SWD Standard, non cutaway, sunburst.


Firstly, have to say this guitar absolutely blew me away with the tone and playability. Regarding tone, and you probably will think Im mad but it really sounded like my AL SJ but in rosewood. It was tight, very responsive but with the big rosewood overtone, just an oustanding guitar. It also played like butter.


But anyway, I have a few questions.


Like three other standards in different shops I played each time I noticed the standard is considerably lighter than the studio. Why is that ? Is it mainly the pickup system with the studio having the barn door prefix and the standard an aura elipse thingie ? The weight difference is really singificant, and being a non cutaway i actually would imagine the standard to be heavier, so go figure ?


Also the rosewood had a different grain to it than the studio, but Im guessing that had no difference.


The tone was quite different. The Studio has a very deep tone, with a lot of emphasis on the bass, perhaps a bit too much. Arguable it can sound a bit muddy with older strings. The Standard was more balanced, with a strong midrange focus, very, very responsive, really like a rosewood J-45. Why is that, it should really be the same as the studio, no ?


Finally, it played like butter, really, really easy. I noticed on the Gibson website the Standard has a 'round' neck profile while the Studio what they call a 'comfort contour neck'. Have to say I always wrestled a bit with the studio neck, this Standard was really comfy to play. The action and string height was comparable.


Anyway, just a great Gibson acoustic, wanted to share my experience and ask if anybody knows why there seems to be such a difference in the qualities I described ?


btw: I really do love my Studio, took me a while to get used to it, set it up, bone madeover and finding right strings. Its just that I find the studio and standard two quite different beasts.

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