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Refinishing my Flying V - question about headstock?


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Hi everyone,


I'm not sure if this is the best place to ask this question but I figured I'd give it a shot.


I have a 1985 Flying V which was originally a metallic charcoal in color, but the finish was destroyed by a repairman who didn't know how to hide repairwork when working with a lacquer finish (I am assuming it was nitro lacquer in 1985; the guitar was subsequently stripped and refinished in a different color, also badly done, and has since sat in its case for years until I gained enough experience in refinishing guitars to tackle it myself).


Anywa, my question is about the black lacquer on the front of the headstock:


How far down the sides of the headstock is the black lacquer supposed to extend? If memory serves, it does overlap the sides of the headstock (perhaps to imitate the effect of a veneer) ever so slightly.


Thanks in advance for any help...

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Not sure if it's the same, but on my Flying V Faded (made in 2007 I think) it appeared to just be a black plastic plate which sits on top of the headstock, about 2mm in depth. I used paint stripper on the back of the headstock, and the stuff that got on the black plastic didn't seem to impact it at all, so it's probably pretty durable.

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Hi John

I've got a 1985 Explorer. The top of the headstock is just painted (no plastic layer on her). The finish covers just the top and do not extend on the sides of the headstock.

Try looking at this 1985 V on e bay...there is a picture of the headstock that could be helpful. My link



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