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Replacing the BFG's burstbucker

Demon Hand

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I've done a search but haven't come up with the info i'm looking for.

Has anyone replaced the BFG's bridge pickup without adding a mounting ring or know of a link I could go to?

How'd you get around the legs of the replacement pickup being longer than the stock pickups?





I've attached a couple pics




post-34152-079272100 1309383019_thumb.jpg


post-34152-071343000 1309383030_thumb.jpg

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Can't you alter (i.e. saw-off the extra metal from- and re-bend) the new 'legs' to match the length of those on the original?


My rough guess from the two pictures is that if you remove the 'foot' from each leg and bend the left-over part half-way along its length at a right-angle then you'd be just about there. All that would be needed then would be to tap/drill a hole in the new 'foot' for the height-adjusting screw.


The pole-piece screws may also need shortening; or else the metal plate could be drilled to allow for the greater length of the new screws..


I suppose an alternative would be to affix some sort of device in the bottom of the cavities to accept the thread from the longer legs you now have.



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A friend and I put a PRS pickup in his BFG last Xmas.


I'm trying to remember how we did it...


IIRC, we used regular pickup screws and put a bit of foam underneath the pickup in order for it to have bit of resistance when screwing it down. We may have also done that simply because the PRS pickup was more shallow than the pickup we were replacing (we had replaced the original with a DiMarzio of some sort a year before) and without the foam to raise the pickup, it would have been too low.


I think we also had to cut one of the pickup mounting screws too as it was a bit too long. Not saying this would be the case with every pickup but it was with this one.

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