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Big score today!


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OK, here is the sequence of my switch tip knobs for those interested: LOL


-Had an LP Classic that I traded in and kept the amber tip(replaced it with a creme one I had around).


-Put that amber tip on my hcsb LP Standard that I traded up to.


-Got the Ebony LP Standard which comes with all creme trim. I modded this guitar with the SD pups, black pup rings, speed knobs, toggle switch disc and all black screws. Also removed the pickguard. Then I took the amber tip from the sunburst LP and put it on the ebony, which I think makes it look very nice.


-Today I bought a second amber tip to replace on the sunburst LP.


...and of course I am only joking about 'a big score'. I do however like to slightly mod guitars to give them a personal touch.

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I got the toggle tip today at my local Guitar Center Store(where I also saw my dream silverburst-sigh). Be sure you get an 'Original Gibson Parts' one. I'm not sure if they are international, but a great source for all kinds of goodies is Musician's Friend. They also have them. $5.00


An alternate way I may set up my ebony LP is as you see it in the photo but with black pickguard and black switch tip. I also have a black pickguard hanger with black hardware for it.



Musicians Friend:




Gibson switch tips:



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