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New Wilco single

Silenced Fred

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I like it too. Nels is back in the mix and that fuzz bass is pretty sweet. Nice groove on the bass playing as well. Let's hope the new record is better than the mushy pile of slop the s/t was.


Agreed. I want more of the noise stuff that Nels does but the atmosphere of Yankee Hotel Foxtrot. I think this album might be able to do that.


We we we so excited

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He just emails you random loops he makes and dating tips

Yeah pretty much this. No dating tips for you though. We can talk about some other awesome stuff.


I just got this drum machine app for my iPhone so some of my l00pz now feature dope beats and near perfect timing. How enticing is that?


Of course the mailing list is highly exclusive.. lol I'm making it sound cooler than it is.

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