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Please, TAKE that tone with me!


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While noodling on my 335 wannabe today, I was messing with settings on both the guitar and the amp (Crate B20), and was getting some rather serious Southern Rock tones out of this thing. I didn't record any of it (figured I'd give you guys a break:rolleyes: ), but just marveled at how good this guitar sounds stone stock. Backed off on the neck and bridge tone knobs a little bit, and got that "Woman" tone Clapton always got hard about. Killed the mid on the amp, and turned down the volume on the bridge, and there was Skydog (wish I was better at Slide). Turned it back up all the way, put the 505II on "B2", and got a "Satriani-meets-Skynyrd" sound. I'd LOVE to get a 4x12 to hook up to the Crate, see how that sounds. I think the guy I bought this guitar from had .009s on it, so I'm thinking I'm gonna loose the .010s in favor of what it came to me with, see what that does for the sound. Truly amazing what different tones you can get just messing with the settings just a little bit.



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