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Differences between the Elitist Byrdland & Broadway - cosmetic?


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I believe the major differences are that the Byrdland has a short scale fretboard (23.5") and thinner body.






Also different tail pieces and knobs. Otherwise, they're exactky the same guitar....[biggrin]


Neither is sold anywhere in the world right now except used on eBay, Craigslist, and occasionally in your local shoppe. The only Elitist still available from Epiphone is the Casino.


As to why, it's all speculation. Some say they cut into Gibson's sales too much, but Gibson says they didn't sell well enough to continue producing.

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I'm 99.999 % sure you can't get any new Elitists except the Casino anywhere. If you find that's not true, post your lead here, there a several of us who would buy them right now.

Ok. I don't know for sure. I saw that info on another board so it could be outdated or wrong. You can't import them, you would need a Japanese friend to buy and ship it to you.
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