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'59 Les Pauls........

Todd Wilson

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I think everyone here would agree that there's something special about the 59's.


It's virtually every rock legend's go to guitar. Jimmy Page, Billy Gibbons, Keith Richards, Jeff Beck, Peter Green, Duane Allman, Gary Rossington, Clapton for a short time, you know the list..... Everybody who was anybody has played the '59 at some point.


Brad Whitford of Aerosmith used one on every tour they've ever had until a couple of years ago when his tech finally told him that he couldn't keep putting it through the abuse of touring.


There obviously is or was something special or at least mythical about the '59. Too many legendary players gravitated to it, and many have bizarre stories as to how they came into possession of theirs (Jimmy Page's was a gift from Joe Walsh no less; Gary Moore of Thin Lizzy and Skid Row supposedly had acquired Peter Green's '59, etc.). What is special about that guitar?


Also, being that next year is the 50th anniversary of this musical legend. Does Gibson have any plans on an anniversary edition with original specs, features, etc.


I play mostly acoustic, but I love a lot of the sounds the '59 has made over the years and would appreciate some Les Paul player's thoughts on the instrument.

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Sweetwater has some for sale. $7000!!

Here in Ontario youd tack on another $980 in taxes, so were talking close to $8000.


When I bought my R9 last week it wasnt an easy task. I have the money, but as I have stated in the past my

wife is very fruggle with money. When I told her how much the guitar was going to cost she just shook her head and tried to talk me out of the purchase. I know in my heart of hearts that these guitars are very overpriced, and wifey has a point, but in the end I have no vices in life. I dont drink or smoke and I spend $5 max weekly on a lottery ticket, so I dont really feel guilty. But I guess it all comes into perspective when you try and justify or explain it to someone who has very little.

My wifes niece is staying with us untill the new year. Shes 19 and from a small village in the Philippines. Her family makes less in 1 year, then I spent on the 59 reissue. I dont want to get off topic, but we are very spoiled over here.

I work hard for my money, but ill bet they work even harder for theirs.


Long story short....My wife would probably leave me if I even suggested a 50th anniversary R9.

Im happy and blessed with what I have.

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A 19 year old from the Philippines, eh? Where do you live, exactly? eusa_whistle.gif


Thoughts on the instrument? It's an icon, isn't it?

They're also going to have an actual aged 50th anniversary edition, which will be over $10,000.

I looked into it locally and got the scoop. If all goes well, I'll be buying a regular '09 R9.

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