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Real or Fake?

Larry Lion

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There is a Les Paul on Kijiji that is supposedly a pristine 1981 classic. I was wondering if any could tell from these pictures and advise me whether it is a fake or not? The pictures are in my dropbox, here are the links below. I've asked the seller for a COA or proof of purchase, and that's what got me suspicious.




















The ad is on the Toronoto Kijiji listings.


Many thanks

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Looks real to me. The case is the same as the one that came with my '81 LP Custom (which a friend now has).


I'm assuming you realize that it's a "second" and know what that means, correct? Most likely it was a cosmetic defect but nonetheless, it's a "second".


The seller is so overpriced on this it isn't even funny. $3390? You've got to be kidding!


There is an '82 LP Deluxe gold top on Ebay right now. The "buy now" price is $2G and it looks to be in good shape.


Gbase.com has two '81 LP Deluxes listed. $2250 and $2750.


I did a Google search for 1981 Les Paul Deluxe Gold Top and using the Google cache, found an ad on Kijiji Moncton for the same guitar yet not a "second". The asking price was $2150.


The seller is about about $1500 too high IMO.


Let him take it to the 12th Fret (on Danforth Ave) and have them try and sell it for that price. Good luck!

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