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Strap for my EJ 200CE

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as the topic description reads the strap button that doubles as a input jack is far to wide for any strap i have and i don't want to cut up straps to fit it cause most of the straps i have trade off with other guitars (reason being is cause i don't need a dedicated strap per guitar cause well i cant play them all at once so..) anyway i may have to go buy a dedicated strap for my Super Jumbo... does anyone have any strap suggestions for this guitar? one that's already preferably wide enough to already fit over the giant strap button?

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I've got a standard strap on mine - Little bit of a struggle to get it on but that's all.


Don't want to hijack the thread but does anyone know if you can get replacement straplock endpins for Electro acoustic style endpins?


***** Edit ***** Think I've found just the thing



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Cinch a lace to the offending button. Then secure a toggle, a short piece of dowel rod, oh, 1/4 - 1/2" diameter and 2-3inches long about 3 " from the button so that the lace and toggle form a "T". Thread the toggle through the bottom button hole of your strap, rotate it so that it is stopped from backing out the hole. This should be very secure. No tools to mount up, no major modifications to your strap.

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