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BC30 Tonestack mod gone weird

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Well, I've just had a great evening installing a post PI master volume and modding the EQ, and I must say, wow! The master volume is amazing, the last gain stage and PI sound great when overdriven! And I don't have to go deaf to do it!


But here's what's weird, I've changed the 3 EQ pots to 220k(Treb), 22k(Mid) and 220k(Bass) and now the EQ only works in 'Independent' mode. In interactive mode the knobs do absolutely nothing. It seems as if the EQ circuit is completely bypassed! But in independent mode the tone controls are more similar to a fender amp, with the mid scoop in just the right place (the stock eq has the mid frequency far too low for me).


This is the best the amp has ever sounded, so I'm not too bothered about loosing the interactive mode, but it has me puzzled. I've measured the resistance between several points in the EQ to ground and all the numbers look good, so I think the pots are soldered correctly. So what the hell's going on?


Anyone got any ideas?




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