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Here they are ,the 2 newest members of the family,,outside in the sunshine ,. Yeah I know they arent Epi's But shhhhhhhh,,they think they are.Just in case anyone cant tell ,,they are the latest Limited run Gibson 60s Tributes,,,SG and Les Paul. All i can say is ,,,,HURRAY for P90s .These babies play and sound unreal ,also ,,,Aint they purty????



MY Noisemakers:

Gibson 2011 60s Tribute SG

Gibson 2011 60s Tribute Les Paul

Epiphone 2008 Sg Custom Prophecy GX

Epiphone 2003 Korina G-400 Sg

Epiphone 1998 Korina Explorer

Epiphone 1998 Korina Flying V

BC Rich 1981 Maple Mockingbird Handmade

Ibanez 2010 ART100-VLS

Ibanez 1977 Les Paul (2351AV)

Ibanez 1976 Stratocaster (2375W)

Gibson 1968 Les Paul Custom

Charvel Fretless Bass

Washburn Lyon P bass

Guild Madiera P-600 Jumbo Acoustic

Applause A-25 Acoustic

Chuan Yin Marina Mark 20SS classical

Carlo Robelli 5 string Banjo

Carlo Robelli Electric Violin

Kay Electric Mandolin

Lignatone Mandolin

Midiman Radium Keyboard

2 Marshall JTM-612 60 watt 1 12 Combos

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OK... I reckon I can see dope growing in the background!


Send me your geets & I won't tell anyone [biggrin]

Send me the dope, LOL.


Lovely pair maniak, P90s are the bomb aren't they, congrats mate, HNGD x 2.

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nice pair! i like thoses more with the p90 especially this les paul!! maybe if i do some place between my tomatoes and gardens herbs, maybe tommorow when i wake up, have these beauties on my turf!!

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