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my 1947 gibson es150 back from the shop...


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I had a tech at guitar center reattach the original pickguard, made a new nut, and fill in some body damage so it doesn't get worse (well actually the tech acted like he could repair the damage, but it looks about the same...he says he filled it in so it will not get worse)...


I will probably keep her for a while and then sell down the road.


This guitar seemed to get everyones attention at guitar center..employees and customers.

Everyone seemed to be impressed with the flame in the wood. The pickup in this thing is wonderful.


The guitar does have what appears to be one replaced fret...and one fret wireDSC_0001-5.jpgDSC_0004-3.jpgDSC_0010-2.jpg seems to be too low causing some dead notes.


I guess my main question is...how much should I expect to pay for fret work?


Anyone know how much that body damage will effect the value?

It is such a shame because other than that minor body damage it is in great shape for it's age.

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It's hard to tell from photos sometimes, but to my eye, it looks like she might have been refinished at some point. The shading of the sunburst doesn't look quite right for a guitar from the late 40's. Also, the binding seems to be lacking any yellowed "patina". The pickguard and tailpiece don't look original, and considering the damage (including the addition of a jack plate) and whatnot, that finish looks almost too clean for a guitar that's been knocked around some over the years. A refinish is going to have a considerable negative effect on the collector's value, in terms of how a vintage dealer would go about appraising it. At any rate, I would say either take it to a vintage expert in your area, or search the web for realized prices for comparable instruments. Good luck. [thumbup]



For comparison's sake: http://www.guitarsagogo.com/gibsones15049.html

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