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New J 45 Special Edition Pics


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Retrorod Hi! This True Vintage Special edition has a red spruce?Adirondack top unlike the regular sitka spruce top. It is the True Vintage model also having bone nut and saddle. Modern Classic J 45s I believe has Tusq bone and saddle. This model has a different neck than the J 45 legend but is pretty similar in all other aspects to my knowledge. I have a query out to Bozeman about hide glue use on my model. If they did use Hide glue then the only difference I can see between this and the Legend is the neck size and the Latte colored binding. I think the bracing is the same also. It was sold exclusively through Guitar Center (see below)


A limited edition with all the original appointments just like it debuted in 42.


In the early 1940s, a Gibson sales rep lobbied hard for the development of a flattop dreadnought guitar to compete with other popular acoustics of the day. He was convincing enough that, despite wartime demands on the factory, Gibson launched the J-45 guitar in 1942, and it quickly became a staple of the Gibson Acoustic line. The J-45 True Vintage Special Edition boasts a historic aged look and popular vintage features like Adirondack (red) spruce top, mahogany back and sides, and a Madagascar rosewood fingerboard and bridge. From the blues to bluegrass to folk to pop and everything in between, the J-45 True Vintage acoustic guitar delivers. Premium red spruce top and solid mahogany back and sides produce unmatched mellow, full-bodied tone. This model only available in 2008.

Gibson J-45 True Vintage Special Edition Acoustic Guitar Features:


* Round shoulder body style

* Premium red spruce top

* Mahogany back and sides

* 4-ply top, single-ply back

* Mahogany neck, V-shape profile

* 24-3/4" scale

* Madagascar rosewood fingerboard

* Mother-of-pearl dot inlays

* 1.725" nut width

* Madagascar rosewood bridge

* Mother-of-pearl dot bridge inlays

* White bridge pins

* White button nickel gotoh tuners

* Tortoise tear drop pickguard

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Suburude----that was "modoc"....I think the "Modocs" were an Indian tribe.......I am "Modac" (Modac was the name of one of my pet greyhounds).....I wouldn't have made that particular remark even if I agreed with it. I think your guitar looks great....bridge and all.

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burl is cool... but that in front of the A string is knot.

the guitar is otherwise beautiful..... take no offense. i was more hoping that someone at Gibson would read it and take note.

enjoy it! i have guitars that i love to death that i could point out similar things on. it's not a deal breaker, and i think purely cosmetic.... i wouldn't kick her out of bed. ](*,)

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Tell me about it.... without hijacking the thread, I'm a bit of a fraud here as I technically don't own any Gibsons, and am looking at getting my first shortly, and the J45 appears high on the wishlist (have played a RW, heaven!), but there are so many to go try nowadays....!


Therefore, a little trip to http://www.guitarvillage.co.uk/product-list.asp?manuid=36&catid=4is on the cards for the weekend... I don't think the decision making process will get much easier!!

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Wow, to each his own I guess because I LOVE that bridge. That was the first thing that made me say 'wow' as I scrolled down the picture. That's what I call character. My guitar has a few unusual little spots on it and I love it because it's uniquely Magic.... there's no other. I didn't know there was a rosewood burl. I've seen walnut burl on many an antique (which I also loved), but not rosewood. Beautiful!


Anyway, congrats on the guitar. Do you remember what song you played on it first?

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