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Hummingbird Pro Review


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Thanks for the review, thats a lovelly Gibson you got there.


Its really interesting how Gibson acoustics can have some many fundamental tonal similarities (the core) yet still have a unique voice amongst the models. This guitar certainly doesnt sound like a traditional HB, neither does it sound like a J-45, it has its own voice.


Though it excelled in particular in the blues pieces that you played, im sure it will sound grat with that Prefix unit, its a great pickup.


btw: if freaked me out a bit when you had it up close and the lens were bending it all out of shape ! :-)


Enjoy !

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Mine also is excellent. My dealer showed me the Pro and a new Martin HD-28 Vintage Burst and they were both excellent. The HB Pro is more balanced (the Martin had more of the expected HD-28 bass) and it has excellent volume without being so loud that it is overpowering when fingerpicked. They are excellent Gibsons.

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