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SG i have never seen before


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it is said to be a 1970 SG Special Edition

& said to have all original parts, single coil pickups, etc.



The guitar:





the said to be original case:





I think the placement of pickups is do to them being single coil, maybe this is why?


Thanks a lot!

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These are pretty cool and they don't come up for sale that often.


$750 is getting in the upper end of the range, but if it's in good shape and all original I'd go for it. . . . . . (Does the seller have the bridge cover and pickguard?)


From the pics (a bit small) it looks in good shape.

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Those are indeed nice SGs....Not pretty per se, but rather nice for any collection..


The laminated maple necks are intriguing.......As per price, IMHO,


BK is right.....I wouldn't pay more than $600.00, but a collector may easily


offer more than $750.....Those sound more like Melody Makers than SGs....


( I've played both, haven't owned either, for disclosure )

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