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new gibson lp studio 60's tribute


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ok, just got my new straight out of the box lp studio 60's tribute in the "goldtop" from sam ash. it just arrived in the store and i was the first person to lay hands on it. the gig bag is actually really cool and the guitar is amazing. i've played a few in the past and saw no real need to have one until i played this one. great action right out of the box, fretts were crowned beautifully, neck was a little chunkier then i thought and love it, no wacky wear marks at all on the guitar like the "aging rubs " more found on the black and white ones. the back is a 2 piece, and the sound was amazing. i think i got a good one guys. i am so excited to post pics soon. all i can say is wow. out of the 5 they had at sam ash this one played $1000 better then the others. i played a lp goldtop trad pro and hated it. this takes the cake. posting pics soon , stay tuned :)

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