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Truss Rod on 12 string Bard

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As a fun project, I'm restoring an early 70's 12 string FT-165 Epi Bard that is in pretty bad shape. I removed the truss rod to see if there was anything I could do to add some relief since it is a one way truss rod and the neck is only slightly back-bowed (all strings removed). I removed the rod nut and with only a slight tap, it fell down enough for me to pull it out the heel of the neck. The one way traditional rod pulled easily except hung up a little on thirty seven year old sticky masking tape, .25" wide, that was wrapped around it three places (top, middle, and end). Then I shook the neck and a small steel flat piece size approximately .125 x .25" x .50" also came out. Anyone know what this little metal piece is for? I believe the masking tape is meant to prevent rattle and the metal piece possibly a bow shim? If a bow shim, I'm not so sure that is a good idea and usually truss rod shims are full length to compensate for a deep truss rod slot. Anybody with experience who knows what or where this shim is and where it's supposed to go please comment. Perhaps its just a foreign object accidentally dropped in? I don't have any pics just yet.

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