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Ho fella's.


Wondered if any of you can help me. I got my SG Classic used, as it was supposed to be in mint condition. When it arrived, the pickguard had scratches around the bridge posts where the previous owner obviously got lazy and tried to adjust the posts without loosening the strings first.


Anyone know where i could get a genuine replacement for this? Seems easy to get an sg standard pg, but finding one for the Classic is proving difficult.



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I do want a 5-ply. Is the pitch perfect music pickguard genuine? I bought one off ebay recently, and its not the best fit.

It fits perfectly. It is not genuine Gibson. But I have the old original pickguard and it is a perfect match, you can't tell. There's also a guy in town here in Ohio, who makes custom pickguards... Pickguardian.com. But he can be expensive. look up pitch_perfect_music on eBay I know there are alot of SG pickguards for sale on eBay so you might overlook it, I did and bought the 3 ply before I saw the 5 ply, if you can't find the 5ply ad, just message him, he will give you the correct link. but for $31.99 free shipping you can't go wrong. He ships fast from Arkansas. Hope this helps ya.

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