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Changing string gauge

Blue Mule

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Howdy folks.....a newbie to the Gibson board. I'm assuming it's o.k. to post this question here. If not, I hope someone will steer me in the right direction. I just received a '94 ES 175 as a gift. This guitar is in very good condition. The strings that are on the guitar are .09-.042 and are just a little to flimsy for my style of playing. I have several Telecasters (please save the cabbage throwing 'til after my post....heh,heh) and I prefer .010-.048 on those quitars. Of course, my greatest concern is the neck/truss rod. I don't want any issues in this area and I just need to know if going "up" one gauge in strings will cause me any problems. I expect there maybe a day or two of "neck settling" and I'm o.k. with that. Another "fix" I need to do is replace the volume pot for the bridge pup. I posed this question earlier on the Intro forum and got a quick answer from a member. I ask "what value for the volume pot"....and the answer was "300K Linear". I went to Guitar Parts Resources (a favorite supplier I've used for a long time) and they list only 500K Audio for the volume pot and the description of the pot states it is a "Gibson" part(stamped on the bottom of the pot). Now, I know that these things can become a "personal decision" and everybody has their own ideas of what they expect for tone, etc. But, I want to know what the factory installed in the guitar. I can go about modifying at a later date. Also, they offer a "long shaft" and a "short shaft"........does it matter?? I'm assuming the "long shaft" will fit the hollow body of the ES175....yes / no?? I've never worked on a Gibson before....the hollow body is a little "daunting" as far as trying to move around switches and pots through the "f" hole.......hhhmmmm, hope I don't have to remove the pups to work on the pots. Well, I apoligized for such a "long winded" post but, like I said, this is my first Gibson and I don't want to make a mess out things on my new "prize" !! Many thanks in advance for any comments, suggestions or remarks.

The Blue Mule (Keith)


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And congrats on yer new 175.


Strings - factory spec is 10s. I wouldn't expect a problem going back to 10s. Check the relief before changing the strings. Let some settling in time pass after you change to 10s and check the relief again, probably won't move much.


Pots - sorry, don't know the factory spec from 94, but 300 might be correct. Someone will chime in with the correct info. B)




BTW, owning Fender is no crime in these parts.

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I have a 96 ES165 (basically a Single pickup 175 body this cheaper tailpiece and no fancy veneer on the headstock)


First thing I did when I got it home was put 14s on it (and oil the FB but that was another story)


No issues adjusting the TRod to the new strings.

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