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2006 vos sg pickup question


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By the descriptions of these 2, they had '57 Classics. But these are only the VOS '61 RI and the Les Paul SG Custom VOS Historic Reissue. I know there are some VOS SGs with P-90 setup, and probably some with Burstbuckers.

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'08 Standard VOS has BB 1&2 ('08 Custom VOS has '57 Classics)...




so if the '06 Custom VOS had '57's, the '06 Standard VOS may have had the BB 1&2 if there has been no change from then til now...


However... on everything SG (http://www.everythingsg.com/catalogs.htm), the 2004 Catalog shows the Custom Shop SG Standard having '57 Classics... 2004_catalog_4.jpg


So for '06 who knows - might be worth asking Gibson service...

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