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Share your favourite Dusk Tiger sounds and tips


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Enough bagging of her looks - we all know a friend with an ugly partner. Rumour has it they perform better behind closed doors, yes? So lets just focus on sounds and perfomance...


FYI, I've had my DT for 6 months (number 360/1000) and play through a marshall JCM900 50 Watt head (1998) with a 1960 slanted quad box. Also home record into a presonus firewire interface into Sonar.


I love gibsons, the freakier the better! For comparison I have a 1976 Explorer, '80 V2, '84 V, '91 V, '86 Explorer Bass and of course the Dusk Tiger (my first "Les Paul"). IMO, my explorer and '84 V have the best natural 'tone' and a far heavier gainier sound than the DT can produce, so for hard rock and metal they're my pick. But for more blues to rock to AC/DC type harder rock, and also clean/acoustic I'm starting to love the DT.


Here's my tone tips...


First, get rid of the piezo from the tip (default setting is on). For me, even when the thing is turned down on the selector toggle, I think it still adds unwanted tinniness. In the manual it explains how, but basically set this option to '0'. (I've left it set to 'on' on the sleeve which means when rocking live through the marshall I use a standard mono guitar lead - no piezo. in the studio I can use a stereo lead and split/blend the sound at will. Nice touch really.)


Second, with all my other gibsons I tend to play the bridge pickup with tone and volume on ten and just let the thing rock. With the DT, this doesn't seem to produce the best tones to my ear. As the pickups are in series having the toggle in the middle and then having the bridge pickup tone on around 8-9 and the neck pickup tone on around 2 gives me a far better result. This works with the MCK pushed in and in my view makes all the green presets a little more 'true' to how I would expect them to sound. This may be obvious to those with Les Pauls, but hey, it took me 6 months to figure it out!


Apart from that I'm now just starting to experiment with eq's and the like - so I'd love any help or ideas. Please share any cusomtisations or similar tips so those of us wedded with this supposed ugly partner can make those with their beautiful girls jealous!



Animal - Australia

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Hello fellow Aussie, I'm sure this might help ya !


Might like to join up at this forum http://www.futureguitarnow.com/forum/index.php?action=forum

Which has most DT / DF / Robot etc owners.


Here is a stickie posted their about DuskTiger tips etc.


I had a DarkFire (running on DT Firmware) but sold it recently. Used it driving Rolands VG-99.


For lots more great info & help & advice & other things, I urge you to join 'Future Guitar Now' forum.


Cheers from Sydney [biggrin] Zum

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