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Good Vintage Gibson Story

John Lee Walker

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I was just on the phone with a good friend and told him about this Gibson Forum I joined wanting to pick up some info on acoustics and he told me a story and suggested I post it. I think y'all will love this...


His sister and bro-in-law do big biz as power sellers on Ebay, and they make their rounds every weekend at garage sales, estate sales and flea markets buying stuff to resell. They went to an estate sale in their town - Bayou Vista, Loiuisiana - and the dearly departed Grandpa's grandkids were selling knick-knacks and junk that they had cleaned out of his attic and garage. There were two old guitars there, one a kids Winchester model gut string, and the other an unidentifiable acoustic in a somewhat moldy case. The kids had no idea what they were or how long Grandpa had them in his possession and they just wanted to sell them fast. His bro-in-law looked at the old acoustic and read 'The Gibson' on the headstock and offered him $50 for both and walked away with them. Called Rob (my bud) and described it to him, gave him the serial number and Rob looked it up for him.


It was a 1929 Nick Lucas Special!


He had it worked on by a luthier and it now hangs by his fireplace, very playable. He had it appraised at $10,700.


Makes me wanna go out and buy a lotto ticket...wow

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