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Just received 69 SG, need maintenance tips + info


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Hello all,


This is my first post here but I hope to be a regular. I had a family member pass on a 1969 SG to me and want to keep it in as pristine a condition as possible. It is in beautiful condition and has been well taken care of. I was hoping you could give me some tips to keep it looking and sounding great, and possibly give me some insight into its value. The pictures were very large when I tried posting them directly so here are links:






I also received an amp that is a Gibson Falcon (with a connected reverb/tremolo pedal) and was hoping someone could give me similar information about it and perhaps tips to keep it sounding great. I've heard its a good idea to get a three prong plug for it, but I plan on taking it to a music store soon to see how all the wiring looks. Sorry if this wasn't the right place for amps, and thanks for all the advice.





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Dont know your Amp - sorry.


As for your SG, keep it in its case in a part of the house with minimal temperature and humidity fluctuation.


I assume you play it so wipe it down after you do so and do not allow it to come into direct contact with the rubber parts of a guitar stand (the nitro finsih can react to certain types of rubber). Clean the body with a soft dry cloth and, if required, clean the fretboard with a small amount of lemon oil, followed by a fretboard conditioner.


Keep it away from water and out of direct sunlight.

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Thanks for the advice guys. Can you tell me a little about the type of pickups? Are these the P-90s? I've done more research and it seems its a 1969 (high end). I'm assuming this is the SG special, but I was hoping someone could explain the difference to me in relation to models from the 60s. Looking on the Gibson website, it looks like the Special is less costly than the Standard (especially the faded, which this most closely resembles), so I'm confused why this one would be considered high end from the serial number.

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Yes, P90s, with maybe a Bigsby (like) trem.


Are you sure about the date? Looks like a Special, but the 60s Specials look like this - http://everythingsg.com/index.php/special-w-p90s-.html - with a Maestro trem.




Yours, with that harmonica bridge and configuration, looks more like a 70s SG - like this Deluxe - http://everythingsg.com/index.php/deluxe-1970s-.html - maybe a Deluxe Special run?


Does yours have a volute?



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I believe there is a volute(the bump from headstock to neck?). The serial number is 6010xx.


According to this site, the serial and Made in USA stamp would make it 70s. Anyone know what year? I was told it was purchased in the early 70s.




600000's 1970-1972, 1974-1975


The reason I thought it was 69 was because the serial number also fell within that year's range, but I didn't see mention of the Made in USA stamp on the Gibson guide


Any idea what the value might be?

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I actually just looked up this guitar in my vintage guitar guide book. This is either a late 1971 or 1972 model SG Pro. Matches every detail to the letter.


In fact I was able to find the original Gibson ad for this guitar:




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Thanks for all the help guys, I really appreciate it. I guess the Pro was only made in 1971-1972. It was the Special before and after this year. I found a video of a guy showing his

It sounds great and I've loved playing it so far. Anyone have a ballpark value for this? I've searched online but haven't been able to find any concrete comments
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