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I'm too lazy to register at the Epiphone forum, don't know why we need too...


Anyway, I'm thinking about getting an Epi Casino, has anyone here got / had one and upgraded electronics and or hardware?


Is there anything I should be wary of?


All the best



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I've done it both ways. First I had a Korean Casino that needed PU selector switch, pot re-solder. and jack replacement almost immediately - but I kept the stock pickups. Recently got a Chinese-made Casino, and I haven't had to touch a thing:jack has stayed tight, switch is noise-free, pots work fine. I don't know if I just got lucky with this particular instrument, but my Chinese Casino is made great - frets were well set, nicely finished; finish is great (although still too thick); tuners work fine.And the pickups sound really good. I A/B it against my '66 Gibson ES-330 and the Epi comes really close.

I did make one change, though: put on a B/W/B pickguard in place of the white one, so my Casino looks just like the 330.

Try a few, if you can. And if you find one like mine, grab it.


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I've got a 2001 MIK (peerless) Casino. I bought it used. The original owner put a US switch and US pots on it (I found this out when I replaced the knobs) and Grover tuners.


I'm not sure the Klusons are necessary to change, I've never had a problem with them.


I changed the knobs and pickguard. I didn't like the gold knobs on the NAT body, and I didn't like the white pickguard. Now it looks more like my Gibson 330.


Unplugged, the Gibson sounds fuller and more mellow. Could be the age, wood, nitro finish, nylon saddles, "long neck" resulting in a different bridge position, or any and/or all of the above.


Plugged in they sound very similar, but the Casino actually is a little louder. Could be because the pups are adjusted higher.


I don't know if the original owner replaced the pups or not.


Anyway, as far as playability and plugged-in sound are concerned, for all practical purposes (other than where the neck joins the body) they are the same guitars.




I play the Gibson at home (sounds better unplugged) and the Casino on the gig where it might get dinged as I switch instruments - sometimes very quickly (sax, guitar, wind synth, flute, percussion controller and/or keyboards).


So I can't comment on the electronics, but the build quality of my Casino is excellent.


I don't know if this helps or not, I hope it does.



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Thanks Guys


The idea is to put some Gibson P-90's in or possibly from a boutique manufacturer such as Bare Knuckles, Sheptine etc. While I was at it, I thought I may as well redo the internal wiring, pots etc.


I was thinking about putting a Gibson bridge on it also, but it sounds like the Epi's are pretty sweet straight up!

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