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I'm an owner of a circa 1974 FT-165.

I am interested in getting information in restoring/repairing this instrument that has some substantial problems.

This was my first guitar and I've always liked the feel of this neck and the sound.

I do own several other higher end acoustic guitars(Ovation & Taylor)so this is for nostalgic purposes yet I want it to be playable.


So, the problems:

Bridge has picked up off the face and has bellied it.

Face is coming away from the sides in one spot.

Neck cave in at sound hole.

Neck is straight.


I want to know if it's worth fixing or do I send it to that great big gig up in the sky?

I see the DR-212's selling for $170 so I suppose if it can't be fixed for $170 it's not worth it.



post-34574-095954300 1311105062_thumb.jpg

post-34574-012180200 1311105069_thumb.jpg

post-34574-053082300 1311105075_thumb.jpg

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You've come to the right place Sparitcvs.


From what appears to be a warped top on the neck side of the sound hole, the neck block on your FT165 appears to be in the early stages of failure. The fret board extension is probably bearing down on the sound board. This should not be. The above-the-sound-hole ladder brace is probably holding the neck back. When this brace fails, you will see greater damage to the sound board. My FT145SB failed decades ago. Here is how I fixed mine:

Fixing a Broke Loose Neck Block


The bridge failure is a who 'nother problem entire. It is probable that there are broken braces and a busted bridge plate. The Bridge Plate is a wooden plate on the under side of the fret board below the bridge. See Frets.com for what is involved in this fix.


If it were me I probably would attempt to fix the bridge as a challenge. I can probably fabricate the needed parts myself from existing items in my shop. To pay someone else to do the repairs it is not economical. Buy the DR212


If this guitar has sentimental value it may be worth saving. Otherwise, drywall screw it to the ceiling of your music room.

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Thanks for your input Tommy.


I really like the drywall screw suggestion LoL. Cracked me up!!!

While it has sentimental value I don't think it's $200 worth of sentimental value.

I'd rather hold onto the cash to finance the purchase of a better instrument.


Anyone looking for a ceiling ornament? *smirk*

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