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Put covers on pups


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If you don't know anything about soldering, don't do it, have a tech do it.


No, it won't change the sound much at all. If you can hear covered vs uncovered yer a dog.



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I'm planing on putting covers on the pups on my traditional pro. Is that diffucult? Can I do it myself or do I need a tech?


The sound gets a little smoother to, right?



Its super easy. Just two small solder joints to hold the covers on and thats it.

Does the sound get a little smoother? Not sure what you mean by that.

I think you might loose a little volume but I've never noticed it on mine.

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The sound gets a little smoother too, right?


Negligible (IMO) 'back then' and debatable nowadays.


Back in the 'sixties, when amps in general were less sophisticated than they are today, it became popular to remove the covers as it was noticed there was a very slight increase in the uppermost frequencies - and, as rct suggests, we're talking very high indeed.


These days (again IMHO) improved amp design renders such practices null-and-void excepting the very important area of aesthetics.


I put a pair of covers on one of my LP's p-ups purely because I prefer the look of them covered. To my ears, there was no discernible difference in tone.



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Those covers are "Faraday-cages". They intented to filter out electrical noises of the environment. Neither the quality of today's pickups, nor the today's amp building technologies make them necessary anymore - they are purely cosmetic.

Since all my amps are Class "A" constructions - which are very sensitive for the surrounding electromagnetic conditions - I can hear a slight difference in tone quality having them on or off, but not many people using such old-fashioned amps these days anymore. To make my amps more resistant against such noises I have covered the preamp modules with similiar "Faraday-cages" made of non-magnetic austenite stainless steel sheets.

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