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eBay "New" Epi HR custom


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This looks fishy to me:


Advertised as new 1967 Epi Howard Roberts Custom. For one thing, I thought that the original models had three knobs, not two. Also hard to believe it's been in the original box for 40+ years, let alone a BIN of $2500 for a brand new HR 67. Any thoughts?

Oh, and less than 24 Hours to bid.


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just a bit off topic but i found it to be funny anyway... most people that write "un opened" either a music store or a private seller... some how manage to have pictures of the guitar, with the background being their house/store... to me this is not unopened and technically USED... XD... or at least that was my arguement when i got into an fight with a store rep at my local music store... XD fun times!

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