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Hi everyone, looking for some advice, i have just brought my first elec guitar, a very nice (even if i do say so myself) mint 1992 Gibson ES Lucille. I also have an acoustic which i play through a Fender Acoustasonic Junior DSP Combo Amp and was going to use that amp, i should say i only play for pleasure, not a pro or anything but i like good quality sound, the Fender is a solid state, and a great sound with the acoustic, but almost everyone i have spoken to says i would get much better sound from the Gibson using a different amp, maybe valve?


I dont know much at all about elec guitar amps, any advice, ideas, suggestions welcomed.


Thanks so much



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The best advice is to keep an open mind


Decide on a price point


Decide on a size ie 1-5watts or larger


A valve amp does provide a good platform for tone creation


The Lucille is designed for hi-gain blues a la BB King


Some transistor amps like Roland Cube are also excellent with built in FX


Also hybrids like Vox Valvetronics and Marshall Valvestate


And consider outboard OD pedals for Drive, or perhaps a multi FX pedal


Most important...what does your local shop offer?


Many good internet demos to peruse


Enjoy !!.....





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You have a great guitar, and I'd say don't skimp on the amp, otherwise you won't be able to fully realize and enjoy your guitar's potential. I'm a big fan of vintage fender amps, but there are quite a few that are newer/reissues that are great. Just from personal experience I can vouch for any blackface/ early silverface (1960's-about 1972) fender champs or vibro champs. Those are fantastic. I have a silverface 1968 champ that sounds absolutely great with my 335. For real cheap you can get a new Fender Vibro-champ that is tube with a bunch of effects built in. The original vibro champ had no reverb and only vibrato as an effect and the champ is just a straight amp, no reverb or vibrato, but both still sound fantastic. For more money, I'd say check out the new princeton reverb reissues, they're great amps too. Vox also has the the AC15 which might be a little loud for just playing in the house, but still would sound great. Also if you're looking for something a little more rocking, check out the small marshall combo the Class 5. It has the vintage look and really sounds great. I believe on that one no reverb or anything either, but really, that's what all the greats rocked, amps with great tone don't really need effects. Just as a reference, Clapton did most of the Layla and other songs album with a Fender Champ, the Stones did Exile with champs and Princetons amongst others, and the list could go on from there. Small amps sometimes are a tone-meisters best friend and there's a reason why they've been the secret weapons of bands and studios since the late 50's. Here's some links:









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