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2008 Neck Tenons


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There are plenty of postings with the cutaway views of the old long tenon, the '69 transitional tenon, and the short tenon. Also some shots of the necks off the body without the cutaway. Long tenons extend past the end of the fretboard, and the mortise goes all the way underneath the neck pickup. Those were traditional woodworking joints cut with square sides. The neck could be slid into the body from the neck block towards the tail. The joints were chiseled by hand to get them to fit just right. Except on Mondays and Fridays in the Norlin era....


The new 2008 Standard has a CNC-machined tenon that should be a precise fit. It is shaped in such a way that it can only be inserted from the top down, not sliding along the axis of the string pull. The new configuration theoreticallly involves less hand work and less room for error. Answering the call from those who want the long tenon for it's perceived or predicted effect on coupling and tone, but finding a way to incorporate current technology to get it done with more accuracy and maybe less labor. (Now here I am being all open minded about it yet the idea of CNC chambering makes me queasy, whole nuther story of course).


By the way there were some Musicians Friend product descriptions for the Traditional when it came out that erroniously had this new neck tenon pictured, but it's the 08 Std, not the Traditional, that has the new neck tenon.

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