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Waylon Jennings - "I`ve Always Been Crazy "


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Funny thing to me is how the concept of "protest folkie" was adopted at a certain point by a sorta generation of the country crowd. The "protest folks" in country just took a different perspective. Another is Hank Jr. and "A Country Boy Can Survive."


Why? What's the "outlaw" thing? I love the metaphor of "cowboy" stuff. I think the answer is there.


I just got done doing some work with a cupla local artists who literally are world class, and what they're doing for the Deadwood Days of '76 Rodeo this coming weekend.


Tony Chytka did a great bronze of the young man in this video. The kid and his dad both were rookies of the year at Frontier Days a generation apart; Dad still is a rodeo stock contractor who does things the old way. The kid made eight seconds on a saddle bronc no-hands at one pro rodeo in sheer zen-like perfection.


This vid is at the young guy's one NFR. Less than a year later he was lost to a car wreck. I know Garth Brooks and/or "The Dance" aren't considered "outlaw" or even "cowboy" as some of his stuff...


But you might consider the metaphor how the song and the vid, fits the foundation of "outlaw country." I figure T.C. would probably have kept rodeoing even if he knew the trail would end early.


That's kinda what the protest country movement said. And says. It's less dark than a lotta rock 'cuz it's saying the world can stink, but it's like bronc riding where the only real prize is knowing you did your best in spite of broken bones and eating lots of arena dust. And when your age is past such rides, you know you've tested tough enough.


I think biker rock kinda sez the same thing, too.


So here's a tip of the hat to those who say it like they see it regardless of music style, and to all of us, young and old, who live every moment they can and the heck with those who won't and don't.



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