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i have only this year acquired a 1989 Martin 00028 and very pleased I am with it too. I have taken it out along with my Gibson CJ165 and I would be interested if any members have the two like me and how they find them.


At first I noticed they would both fit into each others cases then looking further they are the same guitar.

Both spruce top, rosewood back and sides,and ebony fretboard. The measurements are almost the same both short scale, bout measurements 15 inch only the Gibson 1/2 inch deeper.


Both guitars are set up by my luthier and have the same strings. So why do they sound so different? The Martin is bright on all strings where the Gibson has a much warmer sound especially the bass. I'm not saying that one is any better than the other but for two instruments that are basically the same the difference in sound is surprising.

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