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Epi G-400 (SG) Humbuckers


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I didn't take a look yet but perhaps somebody already did: are the used humbuckers 2- or 4-wire?

In case of 2-wire: is it easy to modify them into 4-wire?

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The standard pickups will be 2 wire, they are reasonably easy to convert to 4 wire, you'll have to unsolder and remove the pickup cover, then you'll see two wires (one from each coil) joined together, use the existing connections for the hot and ground wires as it is, then unjoin those two wires and connect the them to the to the 3rd and 4th wires, they are the wires you would use for coil splitting, phase changing etc. If you just want to do a coil split, you can leave them two wires joined and just run a 3rd wire from them to the coil split switch.

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