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Gibson's Robot Guitar Wins Award

Ian Martin

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"The Gibson Robot Guitar was awarded with the prestigious "Best Music Hardware Award" at the BT Digital Music Awards 2008. The BT Digital Music Awards now in its seventh year was held at the Roundhouse in London on Wednesday 1st October."


Full article over at Ultimate-Guitar.com.


When I first heard of the Robot guitar, I thought it was a gimmick and quite skeptical as I think most of us were. However, while I do not own one of these guitars (yet), I've come to appreciate and commend Gibson for their advancement in technology here.


I agree that the Robot guitar may NOT be for everyone, but you have to give credit where credit is due and understand that this technology is an innovation and has it's place. Frankly I would love to have one of these guitars in my arsenal. I'll probably wait though until the 'frilly' models like Standards or Customs come equipped as Robots (I miss my neck and body binding).


However, the opposition of many people on this technology kind of pisses me off, as it is not really based on anything rational. The comments on the article over at Ultimate-Guitar are retarded. Are people just scared of something new?


I think once this technology takes the place of tuning by ear or even a digital tuner, then there is a slight problem. Maybe that is the elitist in me, but if you can't tune the damn thing then you shouldn't be playing.


I see this guitar as a tool for experienced guitar players. We've earned our stripes and we already know how to tune a guitar, so we have a tool that makes doing so much easier. Seems like the same thing as earning our stripes on guitar with a $10 garage sale acoustic and upgrading to the Cadillac of guitar brands, Gibson, which is a guitar that practically plays itself to begin with.


I'm interested in creating some dialogue on these Robot guitars.


Do you love them or hate them? And WHY???

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I've never played one. I've been a gigging musician since I played the Surfside in Clearwater Beach Fla, in 1970, at the age of 12.


I am curious, and have just bought myself a new ES339, and am buying my daughter a new Les Paul soon.




My biggest fear, is this.


As a gigging BAR musician for many decades, I am going to drink a few brews and "argue" with this guitar...


Swear to God.....


When I worked in construction, I would argue with a level. And win. (levels have adjustments).


While I think the concept is fine, the practical use is what I question. My brain is gonna tell me the "robot" is full of **** AT SOME POINT, and all confidence will be gone at that moment.


Best of luck.



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You ever heard those Formula One cars party-piece? The engine, controlled by the robot/computer, plays a tune? Seriously, those engines play whatever is programmed in to them. Star Spangled, Rollin' n' Tumblin', whatever you want..... or perhaps don't want, you got it anyway.


Next thing that ol' robot guitar will play the gig for you - no more fingering trick chords and arpeggios, let the computer do it for you - easy. I like the thought of changing tuning in mid-number - could be a gas, but soon the guitar will be going off to do gigs by itself. Or embarrassing you by deliberately drifting off-key just to pi$$ you off. Or firing your agent and signing with a different agency just to get you off it's case.


Then it'll run off with your girlfriend. Robo-foreplay, never tires, fingering techniques you can't even dream of and two fingers up at you, or one finger and a note saying spin on this.....

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