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What is the best guitar solo with wah?


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Of course Voodoo Child (slight return) first comes to mind but on the Band Of Gypsies album Jimi exhibited some masterful use of the wah on Who Knows,Machine Gun,and Power Of Soul.His use of the wah on the Woodstock Star Spangled Banner was also over the top simply for the feedback control ditto for Machine Gun.

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Kirk Hammett's career.




Kirk: Guys I've Got a new solo

James: Great let's hear it!

Kirk:(On Guitar) 12,14,15,12,14,15,12,14,15

James: I don't know, it's missing something.

Kirk:(Steps on Wah Pedal)

James:We've got a hit!





I KID!!! I KID!!! Kirk is much better than I am to say the least.

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Playing since 1971. Used a wah for about 14 minutes in a music store once. Have never owned one.


Should be enough to understand what my answer to this would be...




So if a song has a wah in it you don't like it?

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