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OMG!!! Gold Diablo!!!

Ian Martin

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So, I've been squirming around anxiously because I am totally stoked about the SG Diablo in Silver coming out in December (despite the fact I can't afford one). I get my new Musicians Friend catalog today, open it up...and BAM!




I think I had an orgasm! Holy ****! What is the deal with this guitar? Is it a limited release? The additional photos listed on Musicians Friend show it in a GOTM case for 2008. Yet, it is not anywhere on Gibson's website under GOTM (not that missing guitars would be a new thing on their website, but still). Can anybody shed any light on this axe?


Gibson, will you PLEASE stop coming out with hella awesome new guitars in new paint jobs?

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I read somewhere that the original diablo was selling so well that it was agreed to make the ltd. obviuosly for profits sake. Many Feb GOMs got unloaded for the $2100 and I can only imagine the profit margin in that. I offered a fellow $1600 shipped on mine and he never even haggled. From what I understand, there are very few of the Feb. GOM left to be had. Im also sceptical that there were only 1000 made. I did some math based on all the GCs along with MF and other web retailers and just seems they would have sold out long ago if each GC just sold a hand few and MF etc sold a dozen each. Im prolly wrong but Im a synic when it comes to corporate greed.

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