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Replace SG Standard P-90's with Angus Young and classic 57


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It's possible, but you'll have to have the pick-up slots cut to make them bigger, as humbuckers are larger than P-90s. And I'm fairly certain they're wired alot differently as well. You're better off with Mini-Humbuckers which are designed to fit the P-90 slot.


I reccommend


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No, I'm talking about the pick-up cavity. The hole in the body where the pick-ups go. But yeah, you'll have to use a router to make the cavities bigger, which, unless you're having a professional do it, is risky business.


Again, Mini-Humbuckers.


But why do you want to get rid of your P-90s anyway? Great pick-ups.

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Resurrecting an old thread here.


Is this possible the other way round? I can't find an SG Classic anywhere. So I was thinking of buying an SG Standard and replacing the humbuckers with the same P90s.


Any light shed on this problem would be great.


Nice one.

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