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SG Special tuner upgrade


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I have an SG Special. I'm mostly an acoustic guy, but I bought it to mess around with electric. It's all right except I feel I have to re-tune a lot. Tech at local Guitar Center where I got it suggests new tuners - either a name I didn't remember at about $70 installed or Grover tuners at about $80-90 installed.


Either set of tuners, he said, would leave exposed holes in the back of the headstock which would have to be filled. I guess that's acceptable, but I'm really wondering if there are tuners which would be mountable on the existing holes. Any thoughts?

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If we inadvertantly missed it previously - WELCOME!!!! Bring on the questions!

Unfortunately, the stock tuners EPI puts on SG and LP Specials are the pits -

it's a total roll of the dice if you get a functional set or a bad set:




The problem with them is in the internal construction - they're mass-produced, so after the

internal metal bracket is bent many ways, the round Drive gear doesn't always mesh with the

Tuner Shaft worm gear properly, resulting in garbage. There was a fairly recent thread (I think by Willy)

in which one of the tuners was disassembled, and commentary provided as to why they were



Replacement Tuners are available thru GUITARFETISH - variety of selections, inexpensive prices.

Even the lowest priced tuners will be better than the stock Epi tuners.


Regarding hiding the Epi tuner holes - No, can't do it. BUT, Willy did have a great idea - use

Crayola Crayons to "color Match" the back of the headstock, then rub back and forth to work the

crayon material into the hole to hide it, then rub smooth. "Shade-Tree" mechanic fix, but you will be the

only one who knows.

Another method I use is to glue a piece of toothpick (shorter than hole is deep) with wood glue into

hole, then when dry, use "color-Matching" Acrylic Nail Polish to "drop fill" hole. Nail polish will

shrink when it dries, so this may take a few times to bring it level.


Replacement Tuners: GuitarFetish ( I'll provide link in a bit).


Your current SG Special tuners have an 8mm hole (sometimes called "vintage"), most newer tuners

will use a 10mm hole. Guitarfetish handles both, you'll just have to read the facts about which ones

appeal to you. The Vintage Tuners should just drop right in, the others will require that you enlarge

the hole - this can be done either with a drill press and SHARP/NEW bit, or with a hand-reamer.

I've done all my enlargements via drill Press - clamp, check alignment 3X, then drill.


Guitarfetish Tuner Link:



Ask more questions if needed. [thumbup]

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I concur with GFS tuners on this guitar. You can get a descent set for $20-$30. They will definitely be an upgrade for the tuners you have. Install them yourself, they really aren't that hard to do.


The holes would be exposed, these tuners might cover them. Either way they are better tuners. You can always fill the holes with tooth picks and try to either find a finger nail polish or crayon to match the color.



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